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The Lebanese Standards Institution

LIBNOR is a public institution attached to the Ministry of Industry. It was established by a law-dated 23/7/1962 as the sole authority to prepare national standards & to give the right to use the Lebanese Conformity Mark. National standards cover all products including agro-foods, chemicals, electrical, electronics, information technology, & communication, as well as metrology, symbols, technical dictionary, methods of testing, codes of practice, & structural rules for buildings.

LIBNOR has a Board of Directors of seven members representing both private & public sectors. Its internal structure is still under development & will include three major departments: Administration & Finance, Standardization, & Service.

National Standards are prepared by technical committees formed by Libnor & represent both public & private sectors, manufacturers & importers, laboratories & other professional institutions or associations. The Lebanese standards are voluntary in principle. However, for the reason of public health or public safety or national interest, the Lebanese government may decide to make it mandatory.

LIBNOR is a member of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) & of the Arab Industrial Development & Mining Organization (AIDMO).

Current address:
9th floor, Bloc B, Gedeco Center
Shehab Avenue
Sin El-Fil / Dekwaneh
Telephone 961/1/485927 (5 lines) Fax 961/1/485929
Email : libnor @ cnrs edu lb


Sin El Fil - Gedco 3 center - Block B - 9th floor
Telephone: 961 - 1 - 485927 - Fax: 961 - 1 - 485929 - P.O.Box: 55120 Beirut - Lebanon
libnor @ libnor org
libnor @ cnrs edu lb

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